Pho-dog-raphy Prices.

(Sorry couldn't resist the play on words)


Bespoke Pet Shoots.

Your dog is very special. They are a part of your family. What better way to honour your pet than a bespoke professional photo shoot of your faithful friend? Phone pictures are difficult to print and are often lost when you change phones. Digital images sit hidden away on hard drives that are just waiting to fail. Professionally printed images will be with you forever, long after your digitals are lost, and lets face it, long after your special companion is with you no more. I have a carefully selected range of products that will display your best friend at their beautiful best. Invest in a shoot for your loyal lifelong friend as an honour to their lifelong devotion they have shown you. I am very patient and have a good understanding of the nature of dogs. I have worked with some of the best behaved K9's you're ever likely to meet and I have worked with some of the most unruly misbehaved little blighters and have never failed to get the shots.



Pet Session.

1-2 Hour session at a location of your choice.

Mobile Indoor Studio available if you have internal space.

Telephone/Zoom call to discuss your shoot.

All images individually edited to make them the best they can be.

Mixture of colour and black and white images including some of my signature black background images.

Viewing session to show a selection of wall art and books available to show off your pet.

Your images, optimised for social media, presented to you on a Boxed Usb stick.





This little Terrier was part of a multi pet shoot on top of LLandinam Hill, isn't he adorable.


C G  May 24th 22-7234C G May 24th 22-7234

Working gundogs are one of my favourite subjects.


Click here for images from recent shoots.